Monday, October 13, 2008

Intial information on Colombia

Some of you may already have seen this stuff in my emails, so just skim and read:
Things are starting to settle down here. Did not teach the 1st week and started teaching this last week. Wow! What a difference! I have the "really bad 10th graders". The funny thing is that the 2 "really bad" 10th grade classes I have would be my best classes at Cabrillo or Renaissance. For one thing there are only 25 and 27 in the classes and they act like 8th or 9th graders. The teacher that I took over for had zero class discipline skills, and they treated her like shit because she was a Colombian teacher (remember these kids are well off and see Colombian teachers as below them). I heard they were a little bit scared of me, So, I came out with a brand new syllabus with new rules and consequences. I put the screws to them right away. I think they are pretty good kids, they just need some disicipline as they don't get it at home (the old parents give them everything routine).
Anyway, my home is nice (5th story penthouse), I share it with a 27 year old horn dog. David (from Chicago) is a lady's man who loves to go out, drink, chase women. My other roommate is Sterling (from San Diego), who is quiet and waiting for his girlfriend from Japan to move over here in November. I guess there plan is to move out into a one bedroom in January. The big problem is that there is no elevators, so I have to climb or go down 5 flights if I want to go someplace. But, I am getting exercise that way. The great thing is that I am only a 10-12 walk from school, the mall (with 2 stores like mini super walmarts, they have food, clothes, electronic, etc.), and an area of restaurants. Meals are pretty cheap. Yesterday, I had a steak, rice, veggies, plantains, and all the yummy fresh juice I could drink for 5,000 COP, that is about $2.35. Well, I going down to the pool to exercise and hang out. Talk to you soon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,John

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