Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first trip to Bogota

Ok, Sorry I have been bad at writing. Well, I have been busy. Both good busy and bad busy. 2 weeks ago I decided I needed to get the heck out of Dodge, I mean Bucaramanga. So, I took a trip to Bogota on one of our many 3 day weekends. I took the 10:00pm bus to get there at 6:00am. I dropped my stuff off at the Platypus Hostel and checked out the old part of the city. I went to the gold Museum, Bolivar Square, and the Boltero Gallery.
When I got back to the Playpus, they asked me if I wanted a private bathroom for 10.000 COP extra. I said yes and got taken to the brand new Playpus Hostel, right of the main squares. I got a nice room, hard new bed,wood floors, and a great private bath for 40,000 COP (around $18.00) They also had 27/7 security and coffee, and brand new kitchen, and a 60'flat screen, with DVD and satellite. The kitchen was on the second floor, so you could people watch, and check out the weekend flea market that appeared around the square.
Anyway, after trying my first McDonalds in Colombia. Yes, the Big Mac was just as tasteless here as in the U.S. However, the fries were just as good as at home. I was tired, it was cold, and it started raining in the late afternoon. So, I called it a day and hung out at the hostel and hit the sack early.
Sunday, I headed up to Mt. Monseratte. You can take a cable car or sky train to the top. I chose the sky train up and the cable car down. At the top is a church and some beautiful views of the city. This is where you finally get a grasp on how big Bogota is, over 8 million people. I had my first Colombian tamale,they are a olot different than the ones at home. It's like moist cornbread with veggies, meat and chicken in it, yum! I also tried this mild white cheese that they spread carmel and berry jam on top, a double yum!
After coming down from the mountain, I headed to the flea market, very different. Then I hung at the hostel and watched people for a bit to get my legs back. I then headed for the National Museum. I got lost, walked an extra mile or two and finally found the street to the NM. They close it down on Sundays, and it becomes a long walking, bike riding, roller blading street. It is also a long market where you can find anything. Finally, I came upon the NM. I have to say that it was a big disappointment. After walking through it, I headed for home.
Later, that night I took a cab to the Zona Rosa. It's not like TJ. It is where there is a huge mall, like Fashion Island. Also all the really nice restaurants, bars,and clubs are situated there. I found the Irish Pub (imagine that), had a Guinness,a Colombian Stout(brewed by the Bogota Beer Company, a micro brewery/restaurant/bar), and a nice cigar. I sat an watched the Cowboys play the Skins on Sunday night Football. I started talking to woman and her daughter. They told me that young Colombians were getting hooked on American football. After we walked around and had a beer at the Bogota Beer Company. I got a phone number for the next time I got to Bogota, then headed for home around 1:00am.
Got up around 9:00am,and decided that I wanted to head for home early, so I changed from a 3:00pm bus to the 12 noon bus. OH MY GOD! It was the bus ride from hell. We stopped at least 10 times, and got laid up In San Gil for and hours because a couple that hooked up on the bus, would not move. We had to wait for the police to come and take them off. Finally got home at 10:00pm. That's when I got the bad news, which you will have to wait till next time for.
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