Thursday, November 10, 2011

BUD-WEIS-ER is here!

Ok, we just got in another import. A finely crafted import to compete with the Corona, Murphys, Heineken, and Guinness. Hahahahahahahah!! BUD-WEIS-ER As you can see the price of a 10 pk. is 19900.00 COP. about $11.00 USD  in enchange, around $1.10 a can. This price is equal to Club Colombia, the beer that was voted best in the world 2 years ago. The "Budweiser" of beers here is called "Aguila", and it does come in a light version. Its regular price is around 8000.00 COP a 10pk., a little less than 50. a can.

OH! by the way Mountain Dew is going like gangbusters down here. I am crossing my fingers that I will see Dr. Pepper soon! 

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